Kristen is a Sundance Fellow (Composers Lab) and a classically trained pianist with a master of music in theory and composition. She is an LA-based film composer with two passions: music and movies.

“I am extremely passionate about the music I create and about writing music for film” she says.

Since moving to LA, Kristen has worked closely with film composer Christopher Young. She wrote additional music (source) for Book of Eli and orchestrated on Priest and When in Rome. Kristen wrote the score for the dramedy As High as the Sky, which won several audience choice awards on the festival circuit in addition to winning Juror’s Choice for Best North American Feature at Sonoma International Film Festival. Her score for The Things You Lose in the Ocean was awarded a Gold Metal for Excellence in Original Music.

While Kristen is passionate about fantasy film scores, she is frequently called on to create scores for dramas, thrillers and stories with supernatural elements. Her recently-scored project, Assassins, a sleek noir/thriller for director Michael Bonomo’s feature debut is now on the festival circuit.